Karen S. Price

Certified Advanced Rolfer
Palo Alto, CA
McKinleyville, Humboldt County, CA

"Karen is my massage person. I go because my legs ache.
I have fun. It feels nice and my legs feel better afterwards."
-- Ella, age 5

Karen specializes in working with children and babies in her private practice. She works with babies, children and adolescents with developmental delays, scoliosis, learning disabilities and many emotional and physical challenges. In addition she has worked with gifted children, young athletes and many young dancers from the City Ballet in San Francisco and the San Francisco Ballet.

Karen works with normally developing children to enhance their potential in many areas including stress reduction, learning and focusing. Rolfing is effective with many structural and postural issues such as muscular tightness, lordosis (swayback), balance and coordination.

Karen completed six years of clinical research with Stanford University School of Medicine on Rolfing for young children with spastic cerebral palsy. Results can be viewed here.

She is currently available for teaching and to see new clients.

9 Year Old, Layla

Shares About Her Experience Rolfing with Karen

After Having Pneumonia